Upper Extremity Prosthesis

Upper Extremity Prosthesis

At Inspire health care - Hi-tech artificial limb centre (Prosthetics, orthotics & cosmetic restoration clinic), we are expert in providing world’s most advanced cosmetic passive prosthesis, cable controlled mechanical prosthesis and myo-electric prosthesis  depending on amputation level and patient’s clinical conditions at very affordable cost.

Cosmetic Hand Prosthesis

This type of prosthesis is for cosmetic purpose. Passive prosthesis doesn’t provide active functions like grasping/ holding objects, but provides pleasing appearance.
More useful for patients with partial finger, partial hand amputation.
Patients with Trans humeral or shoulder disarticulation amputation also go for cosmetic passive prosthesis as per choice.

Body Powered/Mechanical Hand Prosthesis

Body powered prosthesis is suspended from a harness fastened around the person's shoulder or upper torso. It is controlled by upper body movements that utilize a cable connected to the harness at one end, and to a mechanical hand or elbow at the other end.
This kind of prosthesis provides wide range of basic function and control.

Myo-Electric Hand Prosthesis

In myo-electric prosthesis, the user can control the prosthesis by contracting the muscles in the residual limb, generating EMG signals that activate the motor (powered by battery) in the elbow, wrist or hand.
With no more harness and control cable, myoelectric prosthesis allows a greater range of motion, pleasant appearance, and enhanced work ability.

Task specific hand prosthesis

Task specific prosthesis is specially designed for the individual whose requirements cannot be met by the above options.
Various terminal devices can be utilized depending on the specialized activity. For example, custom adaptations can be fabricated for swimming, basketball, baseball, golf, fishing, pool and many other recreational activities.

Prosthetic Mechanical Finger-MATRIX

We are proud to have India’s first patented prosthetic mechanical finger- MATRIX for the patient with a partial/full finger or multiple finger amputation, helps to mimic the functions of a normal human finger.

For patients with partial finger amputation, most widely used silicone finger prosthesis is for only Cosmetic purpose, does not provide any movements, limited normal ADL activities, and fails to accurately mimic the characteristics exhibited by a normal human finger and Inability to replicate the dynamics of a human finger.

This MATRIX prosthetic finger design got first price in scientific research paper presentation in national conference of orthotics and prosthetics association of India.
* Depending on amputation level, this finger is controlled by the remaining or adjacent finger, providing active flexion and extension of both PIP and DIP joints in relation to the movements of MCP joint.
* It provides a power full grasp with natural bending patterns of finger flexion/extension movements that can be immediately and independently restored.
* It counts most: mobility, power and accuracy.

In matrix finger, when patient flexes residual stump, it flexes PIP and DIP joint simultaneously providing complete finger flexion. During extension of the residual stump, rubber extension assist helps to assist in extension of finger assembly.
* Very low profile design with a good biomechanical concept.
* Because of its innovative design and centrally located joint axes, its system length is very low (only 4-5 mm).
* Because of its centrally located axis, the length of the finger remains same either in flexion or extension and doesn’t create any gape at joint levels during its movement.
* Made up of high durable/ carbon fiber reinforced plastics so it is light in weight and durable.
* Quick alterations are possible like PIP/ DIP joint flexion angle, tightening or loosening of rubber extension assist or control string as per need at delivery.
* Requires Very less maintenance.