Silicone Cosmetic Prosthesis

Silicone Cosmetic Prosthesis

Silicone cosmetic prosthesis

We are one of the best in making most life-like Hi-definition silicone prosthesis like finger, toes, partial hand, partial foot, ear, nose, eye ball, orbital prosthesis, face mask etc, where optimization of aesthesis is being combined with individually color matching and natural looking shapes providing ultimate patient satisfaction at very affordable cost.

We are proud to have our one and only cosmetic silicone lab in Gujarat providing Hi definition silicone cosmetic prosthesis where intrinsic- extrinsic color matching is done in presence of patient for most accurate aesthetics.


Made from medical grade silicone elastomer

 Anatomic, customized Hi-definition sculpturing

Life like acrylic nails,, veins & hair implantation

Individually on patient colour matching

Options for suction suspension, adhesive, strap or Osseo-integration as per requirement

Quality as per international standards, cost effective

Easy to clean


Steps in creating custom prosthesis


The creation of a custom prosthesis begins by making an impression to duplicate the affected area.


Wax model is then created to mimic the appearance of the natural anatomy.


After making a Dye, on patient intrinsic colour matching is done for life-like appearance.


The prosthesis is then hand painted (extrinsic colour matching) to visually blend with surrounding anatomy.

Information guidelines:

  • On average, the process requires two or three clinic visits.
  • The procedure is painless and is conducted in a relaxed clinic environment
  • The cost of silicone prosthesis varies according to the complexity.
  • It restores the faith and quality in their life and serves as a great psychological benefit in the rehabilitation of the patient.
  • For the patient with a partial finger amputation, the vacuum effect of the prosthetic finger keeps it securely on the residual limb without annoying closures.
  • For prosthesis like full length finger, ear, noses etc are held to the body by medical grade adhesive or by PF-IBS or IE implant.