Silicone Gel Care Foot Orthosis

Silicone Gel Care Foot Orthosis

We are providing wide range of silicon foot orthosis for minor foot problems/ post operative pain.

Silicon foot orthosis are made from the special medical silicon that provides excellent absorption of the shocks and strikes. They can be used for reducing the discomfort, pain and other negative effects generated from long distance walk or run. It  retain their shape during all the time of usage. The production range contains variety of types and sizes according to the patient´s needs. Silicone toe supports helps to prevent any further deformities.


  • Shock absorbing and shape retaining material
  • Odour - free remaining
  • Foot protecting material
  • Easy to wear - can be moved from shoe to shoe.
  • Blue points made from softer durometer profile silicon
  • Long lasting support and comfort

Silicone Gel Care Foot Orthosis Photos